On yet another recent warm winter morning, the three of us headed out for the Birthday party of our neighbor, Sidamo.

Sidamo's parents, Deirdre and Greg, scored heavily in our camp by holding his party at the Red Trolley, a superb hand-made icecream shop in our old stomping grounds, the Highlands. While QQ still resists the temptation of icecream, M. and I are big fans. And Q was delighted to find that Sidamol's family had chosen maraccas as the designated gift for guests. Maraccas are pretty much Q's favorite thing in the whole world...

...so in spite of her recent shyness around strangers, she warmed quickly to this party, and it wasn't long before she was meeting and greeting just like the old, social QQ. Here she is introducing herself to Scarlett, and generously sharing her maracca.

...or IS she?? QQ is a big proponent of sharing, but by her code of ethics, any shared object should immediately be "shared" back,otherwise she shows her righteous indignation.

Here is a true historic moment: QQ being introduced to Sylvie, a local friend with whom we have previously only been acquainted through the internet. Sylvie was a little shy, and Q just beginnign to come out of her recent shell...hopefully the next time they meet they will both be more at ease.

Greg and the birthday boy, greeting guests.

QQ getting comfortable with Sylvie's mama, Lisa.

Oooooooooooh.....the Trolley's handmade icecream.

QQ definitely felt the attraction...but when presented with a spoonful of the creamy goodness, she back-pedaled but quick.

Taking a breather outside, we met this lovely pound puppy, whose owner told us that she was a Dutch shepherd. What a beauty! And sweetness, personified.

In spite of her rocky relationship with Mommy's dog Sam, Q was willing to give this pup the benefit of the doubt.

...and even moreso these breakfast diners who were ready to give Q a wave...

...and place a shiny ornament within her reach. Almost.

Yes, we are fans of the Red Trolley.

These are our peeps.

And maybe someday soon QQ will go from coveting the goods through the glass to tasting them on her tiny tongue. It's bound to happen sooner or later, right?


Vivian M said...

With a Dad who can really cook, QQ is bound to develop her culinary tastes! Love the pictures of her looking through the window at the diners!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am with Vivian that the photos that are so sweet was when Flynn was looking through the window at the Diners... maybe one day... she WILL covet the coolness of ice-cream...
Sorry I haven't been around... I am so busy with work and updating paperwork - again...

Yoli said...

Maia is she walking? She is so tiny, it is evident when she is on the ground next to people. So adorable. Sounds like you had a great time.

lisa said...

Glad someone got a photo. S of course returned to her normal extroverted self after you left. We need to plan something less overwhelming next time. ~lmc