Hayley was one of my very first friends in the adoption sphere, early on in our adoption process, when she had only Piper and was yet to get her referral for little Paisley. Hayley and I have been "virtual friends" ever since, exchanging e-mails and packages, but never meeting face to face, since she (who once, like me, lived in the Vail Valley) now lives in Minnesota.
I met her in person for the first time this week at Jennie's party, and today had the additional pleasure of entertaining her and her family at our (messy, post-holiday) home.
QQ, although at first hiding between my legs (which is her wont these days) decided very quickly that Hayley was a-OK, and before long climbed into Hayley's lap and snuggled in close. I was consoled before long by a hug from Hayley's youngest, Paisley, with her gentle eyes and cute whale-spout of hair...and that made it all up to me. I'm a sucker for whale-spout hair-dos!
After an initial struggle over the fine points of sharing and what belongs to whom, Piper and QQ found common ground and got along just fine.
This is Paisley saying "cheese". She really tries hard, with the photos, and I appreciate that because my camera can be slow, and many people lack the patience.
QQ doesn't mind sharing her '70s Fisher Price toys, but she has specific rules about sharing, and sometimes it's hard for her to communicate the precise terms of those rules. btw, the scab in the middle of her forehead is from a recent walking practice on the sidewalk outdoors. We live in an old neighborhood, and the sidewalk is less than flat. The bell around her neck is her beloved Christmas "reindeer bell" necklace, which she loves to wear. No, we don't let her wear it when she's out of our sight.
Lucky me, Hayley and Mike's girls conceeded to sit in my lap for a photo op. Nothing sweeter than a couple armfuls of smiling girls.
Me and Hayley, together at last. This photo was a long time coming!
Paisley wanted to ride Lucky Luciano the Lion before she left...and was reluctant to let him go. Lucky seems to be a kid-magnet, which is exactly why we got him in the first place!


Yoli said...

How sweet these pictures, I am so happy that at last you and Hayley got to meet. All the girls looked lovely and so at ease.

kerri said...

How great you were finally able to meet Haley!
It looks like the girls hit it off, fun for all. ;)

Melanie said...

Hayley ROCKS (and so does Mike!)! We love her too! The pictures of all the kiddos together are way cute...