Art gallery and coffee among friends

On her last day in town, my mum, Q and I took a rare jaunt downtown to Lodo to visit a gallery with a friend (who is a fabulous and celebrated pastel artist, and I wish I could post some of her work here, but I don't want to invade her privacy!)
The weather had turned cold (and would only turn colder!) so the Q was well-bundled against the chill.
How cute is she in a snowsuit? She has several (and, actually, she has two of this one since they were a hand-me-down from her twin cousins, Gideon and Gabriel!) and she's equally adorable in each of them.
Look how proud she is to be walking with LaoLao!
And LaoLao was looking particularly elegant this day, I might add!
With my mother's dear friend, a former Woodstock artist, and more recently a resident of the Castle Rock area, where she has been doing a tremendous amount of beautiful work! Just maybe, if she'll let me, I'll post some of it one of these days. She is truly a master.

QQ was very excited to be reunited with the huge, weary bear outside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (faithful readers may remember her meeting him for the first time during the DNC last summer).
Greeting an old friend with a pat on the nose.

...and willingly taking a seat in his soft and well-worn lap.
He does look tired, doesn't he? It's not easy to host all the children that walk up and down the 16th Street mall on a daily basis. Today was a quiet day (the biting chill, after a week of spring temperatures, had most people scurrying indoors!)
Sweet, right? Well, it looks like affection, but mainly this gesture is used by Q to gain attention from someone who is attempting to converse with someone other than her. Yah, she's a little demanding that way.
...and she knows it. But she also knows the irresistible power of her own charm. Sigh.
Mommy and Q, fortified with Starbucks, heading back through Lodo.
Here, she tries to get the bear's attention, too!
"Ahem, kind sir, you might notice that I'm back...I'm sure you missed me while I was gone?"
Candy apples always look so lucious in the window! Too bad they're so troublesome to handle. With a toddler in tow, you quickly learn not to carry things that require too much vigilance.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Nothing more special then spending time with Grandma... looking at the pictures though makes me yearn for Colorado again...

Vivian M said...

I love the bear! And the candy apples too. But I think my favorite sweet photos are the ones of you and your Mom and daughter...three generations!

Heather said...

That last picture made me hungry! Also, one of my partners has that exact same bear in his office and my girls attack him every time they are up here.

sarahthefantastic said...

Enjoyed your afternoon vicariously. Would love to see your friend's art work, but admire your blog ethics.
QQ is changing again! Her face looks more grown up already. Stop with all those vitamins and minerals! :)
And don't talk about the chill unless you're up somewhere closer to the Canadian-US border! Bundled up indeed! S.

Yoli said...

Just look at that smile! Face it, resistance is futile, you cannot ignore such cuteness!