Out in the air

Since it has been a nice, mild Denver winter, QQ and I have had the great privilege of being able to take nearly daily runs around the lake all season. When it's colder out, she gets a bit more silent, but on nice days I get big grins and lots of loving glances.
Here, she's sucking down a typical lunch of fresh broccoli, spinach, grilled chicken, eggs, squash, and yogurt. Do you see why I don't mind that she still prefers to eat from the bottle? I can get all sorts of goodies in there. Lately, I've even been spicing them up, adding all the flavors we love, like olive oil, fines herbes, hot sauce, pepper and parmesan.
Bet you didn't think she could wink ;) Yup, she can. It's just one of her various eye-squinches that she uses to convey affection when her hands and mouth are full. So, so cute.
...followed by a grin, because she knows EXACTLY how cute she is.
Here, she is handing me the bottle to remove an oversized piece of vegetable. Yah, she's still a bit picky about texture. But at least she'll try a bite of just about anything we hand her these days...even if she does decided "thumbs down" much of the time. I think it won't be long until she starts actually savoring some of the solid foods (besides the cheese puffs, which she eats like a champ).
Geese on the melting lake.

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Vivian M said...

Oh that grin gets me every time! How can you stand it?
Enjoy the warm(er) weather!