Love, actually

Temperatures have been in the seventies for the past few days here in Denver...hard to remember what month it is! Even the trees are drunk with passion and have been sprouting big, pregnant buds all over the place. This misguided vine even decided to sprout leaves this week....but it did the same thing last year during our February warm spell, and all was well in the end, so I guess it knows what it's doing.
QQ is delighted...but then, she's always delighted. That's just how she rolls.
We've been taking advantage of the weather to give her plenty of walking time out of doors.
Family portrait in shadow, by M.

Look at that glowing face!
She likes to swing. She also likes to dance. Lately, she's even been singing a bit.

Oh, and she likes to bounce.
Here first time on the slide. She was a little uncertain, but after the first couple of tries she realized no harm would come to her.
Daddy love.


Vivian M said...

Wow, it's warm! It's pretty chilly here, I stopped counting degrees once it hit the minus.
Looks like QQ loves the park! And when did she get all those teeth? Wow! What a big difference from just a few months ago.

Stacie said...

I love the photo of the three of you and your shadows! 3 is a magic number!!