We will rock you.

When I got QQ up from her nap today, she was wearing her GNR onesie. OK, so it no longer fits her exactly...she's got a long body, just like mommy, so she wears it unsnapped these days. You know, whatever works. She can pull this look off. Doesn't she look tough?
You wanna piece of dis?
Yah. I didn't think so.
I am QQ...destroyer of worlds!
So mommy stepped up to the plate and put on her tough boots. Gotta keep up with the Q.
We can rock it out.
That's one proud little rockstar.
...who loves her inflatable monkey!
Vivian...as you can see, her pig/bear is still in major play!
Makin' mommy proud.
Still lookin' pretty tough, and just a little confrontational.
OK, I realize she looks a little tipsy in this photo...actually she's just between expressions. She's a dynamic kid.
Is it me, or does she look like an awfully tall, grown-up young lady in this picture? Maybe it's the too-short onesie, and the fact that these pants (which fit her just right only a few weeks ago) are now highwaters.
Ah-hah! Bet you didn't expect that.
Yup, she's eating solid foods all of a sudden! OK, well, not "foods" plural, exactly. Mostly just these toddler cheese puffs. They are a near-perfect approximation of junk food, minus the addatives and neon orange food coloring.
She's a good little chomper with all her sharp little new teeth.
Her instincts still tell her it's wrong (as you can see from the troubled look on her face) but she gives it the ol' college try. She's gone through at least half a can in the past few days, which makes us all very happy. Today, she even tried a tiny bite of mommy's dark chocolate (not so into it) and her all-natural Italian hazelnut Quadratini wafer cookies (a little more interested).
...and she's off to the next big adventure. That's my little rocker.


Vivian M said...

Maia, can you cut off the onesie bottom part and make it into a t shirt? It's a throwback to the 80's Madonna style, but she will get a bit more wear out of it.
And I think you both make great rocker chicks!
How cool that she is finally trying to eat with her new teeth! I realize that it's a very big step for her.

kris said...

yep, she is definitely rockin' it! and way to go on the college try with the solids!! :O)

Cavatica said...

Yowza, that's one tough chica! And a monkey wrestler at that!

Carrie said...

Your so much fun I am moving in!!!!

Margaret Miracle said...

Rock on! Too cute!

Virginia and Doug said...

She has to be the cutest little GnR fan I've ever seen! And I love the pictures of her trying out the solid foods (way to go QQ). She looks like a sweet, but tough, little baby bird.

Gin =)

Julie said...

Rock On QQ!!! I love everything about this post.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Your rock star can come on over and hang with our little rock star...hop over and check out Sophie on guitar:)

Way to go with the crunchy food miss flynn!! Sophie loved those little crunchers when we first got home too! I am glad to see Flynn giving some other textures a try!

Yoli said...

Boy can she rock that shirt!

Kate said...

She is the most adorable butt-kicker ever!

Vivian M said...

Maia, stop by my blog when you get a chance, I left an award there for you!