Photos by LaoLao

Mum always has the best cameras.
Of course, she also takes the time to really learn how to use them (unlike lazy me!)
So her photos are always a cut above.
Look how grown-up my girl looks here!!!! It kills me!! Why's she gotta grow so fast????
(In her new batik polar-bear pajamas).
Watching the new president being sworn in.
QQ wanted to watch upside-down.
As usual :)
You can see we really get on eachother's nerves, right?
Yah. We don't like eachother much at all.
Watching speeches with daddy.


M@rgriet said...

That's a nice thought: halfway across the globe and we were watching the same thing on tv!!!

Vivian M said...

How could you watch anything on TV with that cutie pulling out all the attention getting stops? Hmm?

Lost and Found said...

Do I spy tye-dye on Maia? Wow that was a mouthful ;-)

Yoli said...

You are right your Mom takes great photos. Love the one of her looking intently at the TV.