At the zoo with grandmothers

Aaargh! Trying really hard to catch up with photos here...
On this day, I had to force myself to stay home and get some work done while M. took QQ on her first trip to the zoo with her friend Esme and both her grandmothers!
Apparently most of Denver and its first cousin had the same idea. I mean...who wouldn't want to go to the zoo on a 71-degree day in mid-January? The family described it as a "stroller rodeo".
I can only imagine.
Fortunately, Q is a little too young for the zoo still, so she wasn't at her most animated, otherwise I would've been kicking myself for not going along. Next time...next time! Oh, I will show her those meerkats, no fear!


Vivian M said...

I love the last picture where QQ is sitting with both Grandmas. Just lovely!

Yoli said...

She is adored by both her grammies.