A surprise for QQ

I found this globe on Amazon, and could not resist ordering it for Q. We've been meaning to get her a globe when we found the right one. Our house is filled with maps from vintage National Geographic magazines, and she has a laminated world map hanging over her changing table, on which we regularly show here where she came from in China, and where she lives now.
I thought she might like a globe...but you never know for sure.
So I was delighted to see that she immediately took to this little one. First, she touched all the continents with her little fingers.
Then she figured out how to spin it on its axis.
But the best discover (and I'm always amazed at how quick she is with these things) was how to cover the light sensor with her fingers to make the phosphorescent constellations light up! At night, the globe goes from a world map to a map of the stars, complete with the mythical figures of the constellations traced over them.
In this picture, if you look closely, you can see the constellations lit up in pale blue.
And then, just to give it her seal of approval, she kissed it. I think it was a good find!


Yoli said...

I love her little outfit too. How enchanting she is and she clearly loves maps.

Chrissie Larkin said...


sarahthefantastic said...

That is a lovely story. So glad she is learning these important things already. She is so clever! I just heard that tomorrow's full moon will be extra big and bright. Thought you might like showing it to her. YY and I will get to see it over lots of snow (!) and it should be quite magical. xox from the freezing north!

Vivian M said...

Like mother, like daughter! Let me know if she finds any dragons on that map! ;o)

Cavatica said...

OMG, I LOVE that! Is it this by any chance? http://www.amazon.com/Unknown-Celestial-Globe-%252d-8%2522/dp/B000VN2ZOU/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1231641739&sr=8-2

I googled "globe constellations" right away to try to find it. BB's birthday is coming up and I love this. Umm, maybe I should be asking for it for my birthday, huh?

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh no... you have a nomad in the midst... she is going to travel the world on many adventures... but this is a good thing...

Lost and Found said...

So sweet and I just love the outfit

kerri said...

Nice find, I think QQ thinks so too!
My girls love their globe, they always find China and tells us they were born right there!!

Ivy said...

HI Maia,
Wow QQ is really getting around! She's so adorable I know what you meant by loving every inch of her!

What's up with the tags on clothes? Kira does the same thing, plays with tags! I guess if it will amuse her, why not!

What a great gift for her, you just gave her "the World"!



Carrie said...

oh yes the kissed was so cute!