The colors of August

Mum, Flynn and I passed this patch of echinacea while out strolling the other evening, and I fell in love with them. The color reminds me of an old Polaroid picture from the '70s, or one of those misty greeting cards they used to make back then. But it's just the natural color of the flowers. I can't get over it.

Mum stood patiently by while I snapped photo after photo of these wonderful blooms.

I have to tell you it's not so easy to snap photos with a baby strapped to your chest. It's much more tricky...like an obstacle course. There's always an arm flailing out or a fisful of sticky fingers reaching for a lens.

I love how these lacy flowers mixed in. What a great little patch of sidewalk garden!

Have I mentioned I love our neighborhood?

I know, I still look pretty rough. I still feel pretty rough, too, to tell you the truth. This is no easy illness to kick. One moment I feel fine again, and the next my legs are shaking and I feel like I might pass out. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have neither the nutrition nor the rest to properly recover. But so it goes. Hey, after this, everything else will seem like a walk in the park, right??

That rusty color that I love in late summer flowers.

I love the way they go with the mossy brick, don't you?

Streetcorner treasures.


Melissa said...

We have that exact color cone flower in our backyard! I love them too.

Nicole said...

Just read some of your latest posts... sorry I haven't kept up better... Glad you are over the worst of it! What an amazing blessing to have your mom there with you... nothing like a mother's love to heal us... even as adults. And now, Flynn has that same love from you!!!!!!


Carrie said...

love the pic's sorry your still under the weather! My prayers are with you-I am glad your Mom has come to help you!with all my children I have had a lot of help but with MJ we need her to be with us away from others for a bit-it made it very confussin she was calling every one Mama and Baba! is it different with a littler one?