A new peer

Morning juice. Flynn has a ravenous appetite, and we have been glad to see her digestion come around to normal over the past few days. She is clearly comfortable and getting down to the business of growing and developing! Our pediatrician said to hold off for a while on adding more foods than we have already added, so her routine is formula, formula with rice cereal, apple or peach juice, creamed bananas with oatmeal, and liquid yogurt of various persuasions.
I want to thank my lounge ladies for recommending using the highchair so that we can get things done around mealtimes. I didn't think it would do much good since she doesn't "snack" - solid foods are still of no interest to her. But putting a few puffs on her tray actually keeps her occupied (she plays with them) and getting used to them will help her segue into solid snacks once she has that comfort level. The highchair actually keeps her occupied long enough for me to keep the kitchen more or less clean and organized, which helps a great deal!

Late summer flowers on our morning stroll.

My favorite neighborhood house...I always take the opportunity to photograph it when I walk by, because it's so lovely in every season!

Later in the morning, we had a surprise visit.

Our friend Mooga came over with his daughter Esme. Esme is just about a year older and will play a big part in Flynn's early life. We eventually hope to trade of days having the kids play together at one or another of our houses. I think it will be very good for Flynn as she grows to have a peer who's just a little older and more advanced, so that she can imitate and learn by example! Esme already showed her how to ride the rocking dinosaur.

The kids definitely got a kick out of their first encounter.

Esme has turned into quite a very open and affectionate kid who surprised me by throwing herself into my arms a few minutes after they arrived (she knows us vaguely, but not so well that I would have expected such an easy gesture of trust!) So we thought we'd try for a Flynn/Esme hug as well. Flynn seemed open, and after a little encouragement, Esme seemed up to it as well...

...charging right in for the clinch, and then....

....oops! A diversion. Esme decides to go for Sam instead.

Well, it's good for Sam's damaged self-confidence.

He has a new fan!

OK, lets try this again.

OK, let's try this again. One more time, and.....

Success! Well, more or less. Flynn was definitely willing. She's always open to new admirers and will flash a brilliant, four-toothed grin at anyone who shows the least sign of warming up to her.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It is great to see Flynn doing so well... she is such a cutey... it just looks like she fits in with you and Mike just perfectly... it amazes me how the CCAA seem to match kids up with parents like they were meant for that family...

kris said...

Oooh. Missed that important piece of advice from the lounge! :) Love that Sam got some extra attention from one very adorable little girl who's name I must "heist" to go on my "list"... :O)

Flynn is looking divine, as always. And I would be happy to come over and give her a squeeze :) If only!

Yoli said...

Love the pictures, the flowers, the beautiful mysterious house.