Stands with fist

Everyone has been encouraging Q to stand up. Sure, we've only been home two weeks...but she's a quick study, and we figured the sooner we can get her mobile, the better for her. She is a live wire and clearly gets bored easily, and would be less frustrated if she could burn off a little of that endless energy of hers by toddling around a bit.

Today, she made another breakthrough...standing without assistance, while holding onto something.

I have to have my hands behind her at all times, though, because she has not yet learned to bend her knees and sit down. When she gets tired, she falls like timber, straight backward. It's rather alarming, to tell you the truth!

We've been trying to teach her to bend the knees, but no go so far.
That's OK. One thing at a time! Remember, this kid had never been out of her crib before the end of July.

Strolling with her balloons in tow...reward enough for this girl!

Here we are on the way home from meeting daddy for dinner down on Broadway. Yep, that's a CBGB shirt our Q is sporting...showing a little of her rockstar side.

Still lovin' on her very first balloon. It's a good 'un....still lovable, if no longer airborn!

And a parting shot.


Maia said...

Ha. I love the description of her just falling backwards from her standing position. I'm sure she's certain someone will be there to catch her!

And okay, because someone was over at my house just the other telling me not to do this - watch out with the balloons - if she chews on them and they explode, a piece might shoot down her throat. They are common chokers, apparently. Sigh. Even the best things can be deadly.

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Good to know!
Fortunately for us, we're still in the blissful world of a baby who won't put anything in (or really anywhere near) her mouth. She chews on nothing! It's a very rare situation, and will change as soon as her surgery is done, I'm quite sure. For now, we have few worries in the choking department, and we're enjoying it while it lasts!!

Anonymous said...

The girl is growing up. Your mother looks like she is on cloud nine with that baby. It is sweet to see.

Brynn said...

Happy Birthday to Flynn! There couldn't be a better way to celebrate a birthday than with balloons!

Flynn is changing so fast! It is amazing to see her flourish once the restrictions of her earlier months have been removed and she is surrounded by you all who give her so many great experiences. Lovely!

On a funny note, my mom never learned to crawl. Like Flynn seems to be doing, she went straight to standing and then to walking. She still doesn't have the reflex to bend her knees and put her hands outwhen she falls. Made learning to ski as an adult a little more perilous, but otherwise she turned out just great!

We're in town now. Hope to see you once you are feeling better, Maia. Glad to hear that you seem to be traveling the road to recovery.

Yoli said...

Girl the money shot is that parting shot! Gorgeous!!!

kerri said...

Love all the shots, the parting shot is one to give framed for Daddy's day, breathtaking...

Maia said...

When we had FF evaluated by early intervention, they were pleased and surprised to see that she mouths things. They said that most kids adopted from China (cleft affected or not) actually need to be taught to use their mouths in that way because it's very common for the ayis to train the babies NOT to put anything (including their own fingers or thumbs) into their mouths.

On the other hand? Spike was a baby who NEVER put anything into his mouth except for things he could actually eat. And he seems fine (though he is an incredibly picky eater). So... take it all with a giant grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet event.

Barbara said...

I love the picture of QQ on the balloon! And your mother is gorgeous!

Heather said...

Rock on! I love the rocker look.

Stacie said...

Maia's comment was very interesting to me- as Z has never mouthed anything either (other than her cloth diapers she chews on).... i thought it was just her.

I am so sorry i missed wishing Flynn a happy first birthday!!! I am so thankful she was home where she belongs to celebrate. She is more beautiful each day, honestly.