Medical issues and updates

Well, Flynn's tests came back yesterday positive for Giardia. She is not symptomatic and "presents" as healthy and comfortable. I understand it's common in little ones to be relatively asymptomatic - which is a blessing for the sake of her comfort as she adapts to her new environment. She looks beautiful and round and rosy, and is as smiley and dance-y and giggly as ever, and continues to put on weight, so I am not too worried about her!
My tests are not back yet, but the likelihood is that that's what I have as well. Mike will be tested too, even though he's been feeling healthy, just to make sure we don't keep passing it around!
This is unfortunate, but certainly "comes with the territory" when it comes to this kind of travel. We went out to the special pharmacy this afternoon to get Flynn's compounded prescription, and she has started her course of medicine, so hopefully soon we will all be on the road to health again! I feel bad for my mother who is coming in tomorrow to help out, and who will be arriving in the midst of this little epidemic...but she is philosophical, and I just won't be letting her change any diapers until Flynn is cured!
Tomorrow afternoon, Flynn has her first appointment with the head of the cleft team at Rose Medical Center. I'm really looking forward to hearing what the plan will be for her surgeries, and getting her started. It will be wonderful to see how she blooms once she is able to use her palate for speech, and once she feels more comfortable trying new solid foods! I think we're going to see her grow by leaps and bounds, and that's going to be an exciting time.


Mamacita said...

Well, Bummer! NO wonder you lost so much weight in China! I hope you will all be on the road to recovery very soon!

Stacie said...

I thought you looked like you were losing tons of weight- and you had nothing to lose. That sucks. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Flynn is a little warrior isn't she? (and so is her mama!)

I too can't wait to see that little flower bloom once she has her palate repaired. Watch out world.

Maia said...

Ah, so sorry! Giardia is a pain is the ass (er, literally). Hope you all feel better really, really sooN!

Carrie said...

good luck and I hope you get rid of the bug soon! I am homeschooling all three kids and it is going great! all week no problems and Miss M is opening up like a little rose garden!

Cavatica said...

Uh oh! Hope everything clears up soon.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Flynn blossom with her new mouth. She's already blooming; it's hard to imagine her brighter. It is certainly exciting.

Debbie and Sam said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog from Virginia. My daughter came home with giardia also. She was generous enough to give it to her daddy somewhere along the way in China. It made for a miserable trip home. Luckily the daddy medicine was just for 2 days!


Margaret Miracle said...

I have been catching up with your family tonight and reading all of the past posts. I hope you are feeling much better and hate that you were sick your first days home. Flynn is beautiful!!