House of love

While we were making breakfast on her last morning at our house, my mum made the observation that ours is a house of love...we love eachother, we love our daughter, we love our dogs. I think our house does give off that feeling. It may not be the neatest, or the most organized, or the most lavish. It isn't expensively furnished or elaborately landscaped. But I think our house does radiate the sense of a happy life.

Add to my mother's observation that we love our LaoLao. I love that M. enjoys his time with her so much, that he thrives in her company and loves to do things for her, that he truly, heartily appreciates her personality.

I have said it before, but really I can't say it enough: we are lucky, lucky people.

If it looks like we are closely meshed, that's because we are. We are a cohesive unit, and we work well together. I know (because not all the relationships in my life have been so easy) that this is not something to be taken for granted.

The addition of this happy girl to the network of our happy family was a fortuitous one. She fits in like clockwork. She is perfect for us and I can only hope we are perfect for her.

She certainly looks happy, and the joy on her face doubles and trebles our joy every day.

I don't know how I can every repay my mum for the help she has given us during our transition to a family of three. Because of our circumstances during our first weeks home, I literally don't know how we would have functioned without her. It's a debt I can probably never repay. I can only hope that the experience did her good, as well. We will miss her presence in our happy family and look forward to bringing Flynn to visit her (and revisit some of the memories of my own early years) in Woodstock.


A Beautiful Mess said...

I hat when my mom leaves after a visit....I miss her company and the extra help around the house.

Glad that you had a good visit

tiffany said...

Lucky indeed. Nice post.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yep... a house full of alot of love... I was only asking my mum when she was going to fly over to see me... not until we get Shauna... alas the $$$ of an airline ticket...

Vivian M said...

Your Mom is right, and I am so glad she was there for you.
I am so truly happy for you all!