Settling in

We have had a couple of nights in a row of good, long sleep, and we are feeling hopeful! Could it be that she is adjusting to the time difference? She is definitely more sunny, happy and relaxed with a vital quantity of rest in her, and it does my heart good to see it. Every day there is a new suprise, a new expression, something new she's trying on for size. I love to see the new advances.

Daddy and Flynn getting used to the hammock.


Setting out for a walk before bed last night.

Our Berkeley Park on a cool, lovely afternoon.

The dog park is still a favorite destination. Some of you have asked how the dogs have reacted to the baby, the answer is with surprising magnanimity. Well, not surprising exactly...our dogs have a lot of toddler-time under their belts already thanks to our numerous nieces and nephews. But yes, they have adjusted very well to having a toddler in the house. I have seen a few expressions of deep jealousy on poor Sam's expressive little face. This I expected, but it still pains me deeply. He tries so hard to please, and here this baby has come along and become the center of attention without even making an effort. When we wave a toy at her, encouraging her to crawl, saying "come on! come get it, QiuQiu!" Sam, poised in the background, whines with frustration. He's like the little smart kid in the back of the class silently raising his hand, saying "ooh, ooh, I can do it! Just let me try!"
He has also been defending the house more ferociously than ever before, trying, I think, to show us that he can be useful in defending the new baby. The result is that he breaks into ferocious barks at absolutely any sound, including the hammers of the construction crew across the street. Poor thing can't understand why we get annoyed.
But it was so sweet tonight - we were sitting on the stoop at twilight, Flynn in my lap in her pajamas, winding down before putting her to bed. Sam came up and licked my nose, and then reached his nose out very slowly until the very tip of his nose just touched the very tip of hers. He didn't lick her (which would be his usual tendency) just touched her nose very lightly. She smiled. She has seen me hug and kiss that dog so many times that she already knows his affection is to be coveted.

She just this evening discovered that I've been behind her pushing the stroller this whole time. She had no idea. So the entire walk, she kept turning around, craning her head to see if I was still there. Once we stopped to let the dogs drink and I came around in front to look in at her. She smiled at me a little suspiciously and then turned around and craned her neck to see who was behind the stroller now that I was in front. The kid cracks me up!

Admiring the ducks.

Laughing with daddy.

She most enjoys her stroller when we're both there to look in on her. She gives the biggest smile when both our heads appear at the same time - whether it's over the stroller or over the crib at night. I was worried all along that she would bond with one of us and not the other (and I'm sure we'll both gain and lose her favor from time to time) but we really got the best we could hope for at the beginning. She likes both of us, and even better together.

Playing quietly in her crib before bedtime.

A dramatic sky at sunset, just after a very light hailstorm. We all sat out on the porch and enjoyed the smell of the rain. The best times to be a family.


Jill said...

You are a stunning family! I am so jealous, and can only wish our days newly home could have been as pleasent as yours! LOL! Looking forward to watching Flynn grow.

tiffany said...

So fun to see how she is settling in. :)

Carrie said...

what a cute angel of a baby!

Yoli said...

Such a beautiful family. I am so happy for you guys.