Time with grandparents

Lucky for Flynn, she had two sets of very involved and dedicated grandparents waiting with open arms when she came home to the US...

LaoLao teaching her the workings of the rocking dinosaur (balloon firmly in hand, you'll notice!)

A visit to NaiNai and Grandpa's house.

Grandpa doing some legwork with his latest charge.

Flynn loves to be admired. She soaks it up. She is a very social baby, and rarely tires of interacting.

A pensive moment. NaiNai, who by good fortune is a nurse, will be helping Flynn through her post-surgery recovery process this October. I think we are all very glad of that!


Juliette said...

It's wonderful the grandparents are involved and presents in these early moments to build trust that will last forever.

Yoli said...

very sweet picture of Flynn with her grandparents. I love that rocking dinosaur.