regarding work

Several people have asked when I will be taking commissions again, so I thought I'd put a little note about it on my blog...
The answer is, I'm afraid, a bit vague at the moment! I will not be starting portraits again until after Flynn recovers from her first surgery. But since we don't yet know how her recovery will go, or how her adjustment will be affected, I will be playing it by ear to a certain extent. This is Flynn's time, and she is first priority while she adjusts to us and to her new life.
Those people who are on the wait list have been given an estimated timeframe only - my best guess. I am guessing I'll be able to start work again on a part-time basis sometime after the Christmas holidays.
I will not have quite as much time to devote to work as I did before, so my timeframe for completing commissions will also be a little slower.
Finally, there is another large project or two on the horizon (top secret at the moment, of course!) which will eventually limit how many people I will be able to add to the wait list this year for commissioned work.
So, the answer is that for the time being I am still taking some commissions on the wait list, but I will most likely have to stop accepting them at a certain point when I reach maximum capacity.
And finally, I know that a lot of people have wondered if I'll start selling prints of some of my illustrations. I do intend to look into that when time allows, but it's going to take some research. All I can tell you for the moment is that I will at some point sell prints of my work, but I have no clear timeframe just yet!
Thanks so much for your continued interest, as well as for your patience and understanding as we form our new family!

Just to clarify: All of you who spoke to me before we left for China are on the wait list, in the order in which I received requests! As soon as we are past Flynn's first surgery, and we have found and grown comfortable with a good in-home sitter, I will start contacting you as I am able to start work on your paintings. I'll make sure that I have current pictures, your size preferences, etc. before I start work on your piece! And I have added the new requests to the list. Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted!


Laura said...

Hi! I would love to add our name to your list. And your timing seems perfect to me. We leave on Tuesday to adopt our son Cai. At some point after we are home and adjusted (fingers crossed), I would LOVE for you to do our daughter and son together. I've been follwing your blog for awhile, especially while you were in China. This will be our second adoption, but first special needs adoption. We also live in Denver (Stapleton area).
Let me know if you can add us ... and like I said there is no hurry at all. Of course, your precious baby comes first.


Stacie said...

I have waited to be added to the list as i know you have had so much on your plate but would love to be added to your list before it closes. No hurry- I will be as patient as i need to be to have one of your gorgeous pieces hanging in my house.

Stacie- love the pics of you with Flynn walking- you both radiate joy!

Anonymous said...

I would still love to be on the list. I guess I am but know I would love one.

Margaret Miracle said...

Please, Please add us to the list. I would love to see what you create in the image of Lily Wen and Graeme!!! I am so patient and so excited about the work on the horizon. How wonderful! Flynn is beautiful and I love her smile...I hate that I don't get to visit the blog as often as I used to but I am sure you understand~!

insanemommy said...

Mia, I wanted to make sure you have me on your list. I'm not in a hurry. Next year is good with me. I'm interested in something bigger as we emailed back and forth and then something smaller for my "mil".... .your little one is your priority now..

Vivian M said...

I think it is wonderful that you are putting your family first! I know that's hard for people who are waiting for your beautiful work, but it is definately worth waiting for.
Any idea when the surgery will be yet?