Good times

Well, the weather is back to summer here in Denver, and I had my first full day of actually feeling better for an entire day. I don't want to hold out too much hope that this is "the end", since this has been an illness of many relapses...but it sure was nice to feel like at least a portion of myself again! Flynn had a good day too. She is not a morning person, and the early half of her day is the quieter, and sometimes crankier, half. By afternoon, however, she's really coming into her own, and the late afternoon and evening are when she really shines. When she's at her happiest, she absolutely glows from every pore with it, and it's impossible to resist her. You just want to kiss her all over that little face, and sometimes it's hard to put her to bed at a reasonable hour when she's just so sweet and beguiling!

This teddy bear was a gift from my grandmother to my mum when she went to college. It was then my teddy bear when I was little. Threadbare, love-worn and eyeless, this bear is still a cut above anything you see in the stores today, and I still love it.

One of the first ripe tomatoes from our garden.....HUGE!!

Mike hunting through the back jungle in search of ripe vegetables to harvest.

Gourd vines crossing the pavement toward the back gate, heavy with fruit. Anyone need centerpieces for their Thanksgiving table this year?

Trying out her vintage trike with LaoLao. She loved this!

Go, speed racer!

Touching the bark of one of our huge, North Denver old-growth trees.


M@rgriet said...

Oh YES, you are a cute thing. What a beautiful dress you're wearing, too.
It's 9am here in Amsterdam and the time difference probably makes me the first to congratulate you on your very 1st Birthday!! How wonderful to be celebrating this AT HOME! HAVE A GREAT DAY BIRTHDAY GIRL. Big big B-day hug, Margriet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

So cute.

Heather said...

You both look great! Can you believe that Flynn will probably be able to reach the pedals on that trike in a year or so?

Chrissie Larkin said...

I love that picture with her hand on her face! So sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYNN!!!!!!

thatgirlblogs (shelly) said...

she looks like she's adjusting the teddy bear to be "juuust right." I love that dress on her, she is such a little pearl!

Lisa and Tate said...

Happy Birthday Flynn... she really glows.

Thank you Maia for still posting even though you were feeling so ill. It helps to follow along a at home family while waiting for so long.... Glad you are feeling better.


sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Flynn Qiu Qiu! You sure look cute on that bike! Reminds me of when my dad carefully put wooden blocks on the pedals of YaYa's red tricycle so her little legs could reach. Taking them off this year was strange!
Just took apart YaYa's crib; another hard parenting moment. Lots of great ones to compensate, thank goodness!
Have been thinking about what you said about QQ not really attached to you yet, that she would be easy going enough to go with some other nice people. I'm sure in a way you're right, but it also reminds me of Bowlby's (sp?)attachment theory which showed that a child will eventually give up trying to bond with their caregivers if the caregivers keep changing all the time. So there's a limit to how many others she'll waltz off with! Thank goodness you're the last in the line!!!! The first time she calls you Mama and Papa is bound to be soon! Lots of birthday hugs and kisses from Elinor YaTing and Sarah. xooxxo

Carrie said...

I love all the new pics you put up-I have been homeschooling so I have been so busy and the three year old is keeping me busy too I have not had much time online! Glad to see things are goin well!

kris said...

Oh I am SO much like her- cranky in the morning and coming around by afternoon, shining 'til bedtime :)

And that pic with the bear (her hand on her cheek)? SHEESH. It seriously does not get much cuter than that.

Yoli said...

I love that picture of her sweet little hand by her cheek. How absolutely precious she is in her blue and white little dress. I hope she had a wonderful day and I send her much love. Maia, I hope this is the beginning of your recovery and that the hard days are behind you.

Beverly said...

looked like lao lao loved it too.