Did you guess????

For those of you who had trouble guessing at our big surprise...yes, we spent M's day off driving up north to Estes Park to visit friends (photos to come later....it's been a long day!) and then looping back west onto the plains to a town called Loveland to meet the newest member of our family: Fred.
It has been a season for dramatic weather, and Estes Park looks good with a little drama going on. The mountains were still snowy, and the meadows a shade of emerald green that I haven't seen in years. That's not even to mention the wildflowers, which were just amazing. I wish I'd gotten some shots of those, but it was a bit of a rush trip.
A shot of the canyon on the way down from Estes Park. Just gorgeous with all the extra greenery!

A little less talk, and a little more action, you say?
OK...I'll end the suspense.
This is Fred. He's a six-year-old basset hound. We adopted him through the High Country Basset Hound rescue.
Our journey to Fred started quite some time ago...two or three years ago, in fact, when we fell in love with a basset hound puppy that had moved in across the street from M's parents' house. We talked about it at the time, and the seed was planted. At the time, however, we had two active dogs, and were contemplating a child. It was no time to think of a third dog.
Not long after we brought our QQ home from China, however, M lost his beloved dog Max to a stroke. It took us all some time to get over that loss, but after a few months had passed we started thinking about our next adoption. For us, it's always about adoption. We couldn't think about buying a puppy when there are dogs out there desperately in need of loving homes to take them in.
The search was, as it happens, a long one. We watched the pounds. We considered a couple of other breeds. But in the end, the conversation kept coming back to bassets. One or two that we saw at local shelters turned out to have behavioral issues that we couldn't handle. We needed a dog with just the right temperament both for our toddler and for our Sam. It took months for us to find just the right dog - not too old, not too young, gentle enough to be safe around a little one, but with enough strength and energy to keep up with our athletic lifestyle...the list went on.
The Basset hound rescue did a good job of considering our needs and locating just the right dog for us. Arriving in Loveland, we were braced for another disappointment...but on sight, Fred appeared to be just as he had been described. We both gave him the thumbs-up, and into the car he piled.
The weather did not cease to impress on the long drive back south to Denver. Across the planes and through farm-country, we skirted and dodged a tornado warning. It even looked like tornadoes out there on the plain.
In the back of the car, Fred wondered why he couldn't sit up front with the rest of us, and when QQ was going to share one of her chips with him.
Still scanning the horizon for funnel clouds. I love this farming country - the wide, tilled fields, the vistas, the beautiful barns, the unobstructed views of the mountains in the distance.
In the end, we escaped twister-free and made it home safe with our new family member.
Fred letting himself in the front door for the first time. He certainly wasn't hesitant.
Checking out the latest blooms in the garden, as I do every time we come home. All the excess moisture has done amazing things this year.
My latest peony.
We took the dogs and Q for a quick jaunt in the park before dinner.

Our new hound on the scent.

Back home and settling in for a quiet evening, this is what happened when Fred's short legs met our slippery hardwood floors.
His full name will be "The Dread Pirate Fred", by the way. And his first nickname will be Eeyore, because I can't think of anything else when I look at him. I may give him a popped balloon for his birthday.


Jan said...

Oh my goodness!! Fred is absolutely ADORABLE!!! And, he fits his name perfectly!! A wondeful addition to your happy family!!!
Must say that I really don't envy you with Spring Snow!!! As much as it's beautiful.......We're happy to finally shed our winter gear!!

Vivian M said...

Congratulations on the newest Pirate family member! Looks like he fits right in.
I had to laugh at the back legs photo: we have wood floors too and Pookie has no traction either, so when he takes off running he always ends up doing the Fred Flintstone slide to stop!
Hoping Fred has a long, happy and healthy life!

Anonymous said...

Fred is really cute.

Snowflowers Mum said...


I like his name...it suits him.

hey, did MC Hammer lose his pants? Because I think QQ found them! You guys are so fashion forward!

Mamacita said...

Fred is an adorable boy! I'd show the picture to Maggie, but she might swoon! Have fun with his Basset-y goodness. (Lina and I just got a book from the library that is all about basset hounds. QQ would enjoy reading that too!)

J said...

Oh, he's cute!! Did you know that I'm a Loveland girl?

Yoli said...

I always wanted a dog named Fred. Let me tell you, he fits right in with the family. He is so expressive and seems to have loads of personality. So happy for the whole family!

sarahthefantastic said...

Congratulations! Another adoption is always wonderful news.
Could he wear little rubber booties for traction? : )

M@rgriet said...

oh yeah, this is really a Fred! Love him!

Maia said...

Oh my! Congratulations! I grew up with two funny, stubborn, kind of smelly but always sweet bassets! They are the truly the clowns of the dog world. Enjoy!

And we would LOVE to see you in August! That would be totally delightful to get the girls together. Keep me updated - and we'll be sure to make it happen!

Deirdre said...

He's perfect! Congratulations on the new family member. Can't wait to meet him!

Cavatica said...

Dread Pirate Fred. He sounds just right!

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