Tacos 2

We get our tacos "al pastor" from a local taco joint just a couple of blocks away...and it's very authentic. They carve their "asado" meat outside under a tent at night, and fry it up on an outdoor grill. The tacos (and the many sauces) are superb...and can be very, very spicy. But that's how we like it...and so, it turns out, does QQ.
Her "spicy face" is mostly for show...once she discovers that something gets her a good laugh from her "audience", she will repeat at will and on demand. And the first time we saw the "spicy face", we laughed hard enough to crack a rib or two. But spices are in reality her friend. Recently, she discovered a great love for pepper-crusted kettle chips...and these are STRONG. The first few times she tried them, she made a show of coughing theatrically, but it quickly became evident that the coughs were for show...especially when she broke down and started begging for more of the chips, shoving them in her mouth as fast as we could hand them to her. Given her personality, I always figured she'd be a spice lover...and lucky for her, because we are the king and queen of strong spices around this house.


Carrie said...

Love it!

Virginia and Doug said...

I LOVE the QQ videos!!

sarahthefantastic said...

p.s. It's funny that it takes a tornado warning to get you to buckle down and post some vids. : )

Anonymous said...

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