Vail, part 2

As I may have mentioned, our days in Vail were dominated by an effort to hit as many of the best playgrounds in the valley as possible. This one was quite close to home for us, so we strolled over with the dogs.

Q is ever-eager to tackle each and every new vertical challenge...particularly those that are patently over her head. Here, she scales the fire pole (with a little assistance). It was amazing how quickly she intuited that wrapping both legs and hands around the pole would be the quickest route to success. She's kind of a natural.

Trying out the zipline, with some spotting from Daddy. Yup, that's our girl.
Sam, tired from our big hike, was happy to lie in the shade...while Fred was just glad not to be left behind.

It was lacrosse-tourny season, and the valley was teeming with teenagers wielding lacrosse sticks.This was a new and fascinating ball sport for Q, and she gazed at them with the intensity that she bestows upon every new sport.
Later that afternoon, one young man was good enough to notice Q's interest...
...and let her have a go at tossing a ball into his net.
Needless to say, she was delighted...
...and gratified. No choking under pressure for our girl - cool as a cucumber, she made the net on the first toss.

Like everything else, the columbines are running wild this year all around town. What a flower show1

And of course, there is no kind of paradise more pure in its perfection than a Rocky Mountain summer's day.


A Beautiful Mess said...

beautiful pics:)

Sophie loooves to play lacrosse with her big brother.

sarahthefantastic said...

Those flowers are so lovely with the light going through them! What are the white ones?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I don't know what the white ones are, Sarah...wish I did. Aren't they pretty?
Anyone help us here?

Julie said...

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Julie said...

Those flowers are so lovely with the light going through them!
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