Alternate title: Mommy finally gets her ducks together and uploads a video....FINALLY! Sheesh.

(ps - as I watch this video, two things become painfully clear to me:

1. My lisp is much worse than I have been lead to believe. I have always known that I have a lisp, but my husband has kindly been attempting to disabuse me of that notion over the years. Thanks to his kind denials, I have come to believe that I don't have a lisp. This video has shown me otherwise. I lisp. I lisp dreadfully. I probably shouldn't speak from now on.

2. I also cackle. And I really should make an effort not to cackle when my mouth is within an inch or so of the video camera. Really, I should. I mean, I shouldn't.


Carrie said...

ohhhhh-so sweet!

Vivian M said...

I think you sound great and I did not notice!

I had to laugh when QQ reminded you all to put on her safety belt. Love her spicy face!

sarahthefantastic said...

Nope! Not to worry. I actually found your voice surprising. More girlish than I expected. You do have a slight American twang to your A, but that is to be expected.
Don't hold back, keep laughing!
It's great to see you all live! QQ has the best faces!

Snowflowers Mum said...

lisp and cackle away...actually Maia, you are too hard on yourself, you sound perfectly fine...when I met you I was only surprised you didn't have a French accent, I know, why should you really, but I kinda expected it...it would suit you...

Anonymous said...

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