Happy belated fathers' day!!

Father's day began with balloons. This was QQ's contribution. Pretty much, when she thinks for a special gift for someone she loves, the first thing that comes to her mind is balloons. We lost two in transit from the store, but quickly replaced them. When M. returned home on father's-day-eve, there were three balloons waiting for him in the living room.

One of them he immediately clipped to Fred's back.

(Incidentally, that mess on the floor? That was my extremely belated hand-made father's day gift, which I was not even halfway through constructing when M. walked in the door after work that night. Yes, I had intended for it to be a suprise. Yes, I had intended to finish it long before he came home. No, it did not have the impact I had hoped. The main problem here being that I have never - never in my life - been able to recall when fathers' day takes place...not even within a range of a month or two. I just can't keep it in my head...and I'm hopeless at calendar keeping, so don't even ask.)
In any case, back to the story at hand: Fred proceeded to walk around the house trailing that red balloon.

And walk around the house with it.

And then curl up and fall asleep in Mike's study chair, with the balloon still wafting gently about four feet over his head.

I'm sure you can guess the rest of this story...Fred went to bed with the balloon still drifting listlessly above him like a reverse shadow.
And woke the next morning still wearing it. This sort of thing is your lot in life, if you are a basset hound. I imagine that, as a basset hound, you resign yourself to it early in life.
Another thing we discovered that night was that when Fred curls himself into a tight ball, the spot on his left side forms a perfect heart. For some reason, this entertains us profoundly.
Part of M's father's day present was the newspaper hat that I finally learned to make (online). The rest was a cardboard-and-tinfoil sword and sheild, all of which I had intended QQ to wear when Daddy got up in the morning. My not-so-well laid plan dissolved quickly when QQ refused to wear the paper hat, and immediately started eating the sword.
I probably could have predicted that.
But at very least Fred was willing to wear my paper hat.
QQ presenting the tinfoil sheild to her Daddy on fathers' day morning.
And Fred wearing that hat again. Because...I mean, he looks good in it, no?

After that we traveled South to meet the other set of grandparents for a sumptuous dim sum lunch at The Empress....
...after which we all convened on the lawn for some lounge-time, since it was one of the first genuinely sunny days of the summer.
That's my husband (and the Daddy of the Moment) looking handsome in his navy blue polo shirt at center.
Fred really enjoys rubbing his face in the mown grass...and rubbing, and rubbing. You would too, if you were a basset hound.
Nainai Susan's first meeting with Fred. I think it went over well. Fred, like QQ, is good at making new friends.
Daddy jumping Q up in the air. Look at her hair!!
A hug for Nai nai...
...and upside-down (her favorite position) with Lao Lao.
Fred in front of the rosebushes.
Did I mention that Fred can do tricks? Yup, he can.
You wouldn't expect it from such a long and gravity-bound dog, but he can stand on his (albeit short) hind legs if a treat is offered.
QQ trespassing surreptitiously on the neighbor's lawn. She likes living on the edge.
Thank goodness that grandpa made use of my paper hat! At least someone appreciated my craftsmanship...
...after which QQ (caving to peer pressure) consented to wear it briefly.
And a final gratuitous picture of Fred in the hat...just because he wears it so well and so proudly.


Kris said...

i can't get over that first pic. i am just cracking up. it's the best. i am IN LOVE with fred and his red balloon. reminds me of eeyore.

happy father's day to mike.

sarahthefantastic said...

Another children's book here for sure! Fred is too cute and the red balloon is inspired. Happy First Father's Day, Mike!

Elaine said...

Fred and the newspaper hat? Totally made my day.

Mom-of-Bean said...

I want you to know that my late grandpa, a master mason, used to fold newspaper hats with great seriousness - he used them to protect his head from falling mortar...this is way before hard hats...and it's one of my favorite childhood memories, he used to make each one of us one and we'd wear them around just for fun...

Vivian M said...

Love Fred and his hat and red balloon!

Happy Father's Day M!

Julie said...

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Julie said...

Fred is too cute and the red balloon is inspired.
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