Our little b-ball jock

You can put the girl in a dress (if you must!) but you can't change her boyish ways! Here she is playing her favorite sport, with no less than four different types of balls.
She likes to keep them all in play, and has been seen to carry two at a time (and attempt three) on her way to the basket.
A few closeups, just because she's such a beautiful little tomboy.

"Ahhhh", you might think, "Now there's a girlish activity! Look, she's playing house!"
In truth, this scenario was set up - by me. Not because I want her to do girlie things, but because I saw this little tin kitchen set at World Market, and it reminded me of the collapsible camp kitchen sets we have always brought along on camping trips since I was a child.
She conceded to play with the kitchen set for a while after she was done playing basketball, but really I think in her mind she was making pork-n-beans by a campfire before settling in to sleep under the stars, her saddle blanket under her head, just like a real cowboy.
Then it occurred to her that she could use the scoops and spatulas as drumsticks, and the pot lids as drums. Ta-da! Another of her favorite passtimes: drumming.

Even as she's doing her boyish best, she still looks awfully fetching in that little overall dress, no?
Once again, I have lost track of who passed this one on to us, but whoever it was - we thank you! She wears it well.
QQ will make a basketball hoop out of anything that's handy - this is actually a leaf bag frame, but she's convinced it's a hoop...and who are we to contradict her?


Vivian M said...

Nothing wrong with playing sports in her fabulous dress!

Julie said...

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