Estes Park

Estes Park is a tourist town with a very good reason for being a tourist town: the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a park visit yesterday, since we had places to be and basset hounds to see...but we did get a splendid eyeful from town! And the drive up is nothing to shake a stick at, either!
M and Q on our friends' deck. These particular friends are from way back in our Vail days, and have since lived in Taos, NM and now Estes Park. They have visited us twice since moving back to CO, and we had yet to make it up to the Park (only an hour's drive from us...which tells you just how busy we have been for the past year). It was high time we paid a visit - if only a brief one.

I love B's style...so simple and organic. It always makes me feel good to be in her environment. And then there's her sense of fun, which is enough to fill everyone's hearts.
These Kapla block sets are awesome..and I've vowed to get Q a set when she's old enough to be interested in building as well as knocking down (her current preference). B & D's kids built a beautiful sort of castle, and it was all I could do to keep QQ from leveling it.

M valiantly trying to get QQ to eat some superb fresh peaches that B served us. Oh my goodness they are especially luscious this year.
Sam was not so sure about their dog, Sage, who actually took a liking to him. Sage (who wandered in off the mesa as a puppy) just might be the sweetest dog on earth, and I don't know what Sam's problem was.
I was trying to restrain myself (somewhat) with the camera...until E came out in this amazing costume, at which point I lost all self-control.
How could I resist? Is he straight out of a fairytale? Doesn't he look ready to fight dragons?

Don't be too jealous...this is the view from their deck!
B was nice enough to find Q a costume of her own, since she was showing just a bit of hero worship for E's outfit.
Q was delighted with the whole experience.
A cape suits her, no? ...I really need to learn to sew.

She even got a crown of sorts, thanks to B's ingenuity.

Look how proud she is!

Sage cuddling up to M.
Setting up cardboard block towers for the Q to knock down...now those are good friends!
Sweet G, fresh from his nap and still a bit sleepy.


Yoli said...

What delightful environment! They look like such a cool couple. The little boy is simply adorable in his costume and how nice of them to make her an honorary superhero!

sarahthefantastic said...

The wooden block centre is the very favourite of all the centres in my jk classroom. Get her some of those blocks for sure!
LOvE the proud picture of a crowned QQ.

Snowflowers Mum said...

Estes has a place in my heart...it is where Mike an I went on our first date...a hike in the mountains.

I love the capes and swords...I was looking for elves and hobbitses in the underbrush.

Mom-of-Bean said...

Thank you, thank you, for sharing pictures of B and the boys...I miss them so much, it was good to see them...

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Julie said...

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