What we did in the evenings.

Like many childless adults, we had a nightlife back when we lived in Vail. But times are different now...and we're very happy to fall into new rhythms. So, what do we do after dark when in Vail? Well, first we take the dogs for a stroll...
Here's QQ stopping to smell a flower that her daddy picked for her.
Then we ramble around the condo for a while, stretch out on the sofa, watch the TV (a novelty, since we don't have cable at home: both thrilling and incredibly annoying to the uninitiated) and let the Q stay up a little later than usual. This makes her particularly manic, as you can see here.
She does slalom around the furniture, yoga on the carpet, and has a habit of stealing her grandma's floral arrangements and/or scented candles.

As for Fred...he sits and stares covetously at the sofa.
Denied access, he finally settles (uninvited) for a footstool. I really can't believe he was able to curl his long body into this compact square. Meanwhile, Sam stays obediently on the floor, where he knows he is meant to be when at Grandpa's house.
In the end, I felt bad for Fred, and got down on the floor with him. This was the result.
Let me tell you, this dog is a gravitational force. He's not fat - it's almost entirely muscle - but he's pushing maximum density and then some. It's kinda hard to breath with that kind of density relaxed on top of you.
But let me tell you, Fred had an excellent time in Vail. He was beyond gratified. He didn't even feel the need to steal off the countertops (though he did eat most of our sandwiches on the trip north from Denver). It was kind of a joy to see.


Vivian M said...

Looks like Fred has totally bonded with you! And QQ looks darling holding the flowers.

By the way, do you miss the DINK (double income no kids) life? We really don't, but do miss the spontanaity we used to be able to have!

Virginia and Doug said...

I'm glad you guys are having a nice "vacation". Love the pictures,especially the one of you and Fred. That's just like something I would do since I'm such a sucker for my furr-babies, too.

Gin =)

Yes, as a matter of fact I am spending my last childless evening surfing my favorite blogs thank you very much.

insanemommy said...

This is the best picture!! I love Fred. :)

lovepics said...

ouaahh maia, great changes!!! have to admire your new blog! but here it's time to zzzzzzzzzz, i'll come back tomorrow!
à bientôt

Anonymous said...

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