People's fair

Jumping back a bit here....but before we went to Vail, and before my mum left on her little roadtrip, we all three packed up and went downtown to the People's Fair. Even though it's quite close, it is rare for us to find the time to head into downtown Denver...or at least to venture beyond the confluence and our favorite icecream shop, which is just our side of Lodo, and normally the end of our afternoon walk.
Above are the Hyatt in downtown, and an outdoor mural depicting Colorado's own Jack Dempsey.
The giant blue polar bear peeking in through the glass front of the Hyatt is easily my favorite piece of ourdoor art in Denver.
I just love him!
Inlaid writing that circles the base of the building...also a nice touch.
The People's Fair means food, music and outdoor booths...and just a lot of people-watching.
This is something we rarely take the time to do here in our fair city. It was one of the first (and so far one of the only) really hot days of the summer, so we bought Q a cowboy hat and a paper umbrella. The cowboy hat was more popular with us, but the umbrella was and is a favorite posession for Q.

Hangin' in the shade with daddy.
There was also, thankfully, a children's section with bouncy castles and a gigantic bubble machine.
Who doesn't like bubbles?

Q in her own personal "wanted" poster.
We finished off the day with rainbow icecream before taking QQ home for a much-needed nap.


Yoli said...

Love the bear and that last picture is precious.

sarahthefantastic said...

The bear is brilliant and QQ just has the exactly right attitude to wear that cowboy hat with style. Too wonderful! She looks extra lovely with those pink cheeks!

sarahthefantastic said...

ps. YaYa has a parasol too and it has inspired many lovely dances and songs. I'm sure in a few years QQ will be parasol dancing too!

Vivian M said...

Wow, that bear is awesome! Vail is beautiful, hopefully someday we will get to see it in person...but it is wonderful to see it through your eyes.

I love QQ in a hat!

lovepics said...

love the bear...
and Q is A-DO-RABLE!!!

Julie said...

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