Spicyface Picklepants

Well, you've seen a re-enactment on video, but here's the original QQ spicy-face in action.
QQ is actually quite the gourmet with a broad, subtle and open-minded palate (in this family, she would have to be!) She will surprise you with what she decides to eat without batting an eye. I've seen her stuff herself eagerly on a spicy Thai curry, complete with cilantro, beansprouts and fresh lime, without so much as wrinkling her nose. Every now and then, however, she decides to make a show of it...
And what a show it is! Ooooooooooh.......aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhhh.........eechchhhhhhhhh!
Here, she continues with the theaterics even after daddy has pressed a soothing bottle of juice on her.
But here's the instant smile that tells you that it was all (or almost all) a good piece of theater, performed entirely for the audience's benefit.

Yesterday, however, she accidentally turned the tables on herself. We had ordered several dishes from our favorite authentic Asian restaurant, including waterfall beef (not for the faint of palate), spicy lemongrass beans with red chili, and a crispy fish with a sweetish raw-chili dipping sauce that, if taken in indiscreet portions, will blow the top of your head off.

QQ had eaten her share of orange chicken, vietnamese eggrolls and rice, and had asked to be released to play with her balls while the rest of us finished gorging ourselves (this is really, really good food!) In the process, without any of us noticing, she had snatched the plastic lid from the raw-chili sauce, and was teething on it while she played.

First, I noticed a faint coughing, followed quickly by the "spicy face". But there was something different about it. A curious air of...authenticity. I knew we were in trouble when her face started to turn a deep, purply beet-red. Then she began to sweat around the temples and forehead, followed by a telltale watering around the outer corners of her eyes.
Poor kid.
We grownups could not stop laughing.
Anyone reminded of "the boy who cried wolf"?


Vivian M said...

I think the title of this post would make a great book title, and you should really consider writing a children's book based on the life and experiences with QQ!

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