Sushi stop

While in Vail, we made our traditional stop into Sato, where my husband once worked as culinary director, for some happy-hour sushi.
The marinated flounder was particularly exquisite on this day.
It's nice for him to be on the other side of the sushi bar.
Little hands poised to dig into beautiful culinary creations.
The Q prefers to be upside down, even in a restaurant setting. That's just how she rolls.
Stuffed japanese peppers with a dipping sauce...this was a new item on the menu since last time we visited, and I recommend. Very subtle and fresh flavors.
Q is at that particular energy level these days where she can no longer make it through a meal without some exercise...so I took her for a mid-meal walk around the lovely pedestrial mall outside.
After posing giddily on a rock ledge...
...she noticed the blooming boughs brushing her head and took a pause to smell the flowers.
Our sushi arrives.
I have to thank my sis-in-law Chrissie for this one...we learned during previous sushi dinners with our small niece and nephew that they looooove salmon egg sushi. This seems counterintuitive, no? Small round slimy translucent raw fish eggs? Maybe it's the saltiness, or the way they melt in the mouth...not sure. But the kids love 'em.
We tried them on Q, and sure enough it was an instant hit.


Yoli said...

That looks delicious, especially that first plate. The presentation is a work of art in itself.

Vivian M said...

Sushi is my absolute favorite! Yum!!!
Does QQ like Miso soup? Kerri just loves it.

sarahthefantastic said...

I remember reading somewhere that triangles are more fun to eat than some other shapes. Obviously they are more elegant too! Glad you got to revisit another old place. The food looks fab! And QQ seems to take everything so in her stride. A portable child, a great treasure indeed!

Julie said...

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Julie said...

Obviously they are more elegant too!
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