Life in bloom

At home, bounty from the local nursery, and spring planting...
The columbine, our state flower - this is one my husband bought me two years ago when we bought this house. It has established itself quite beautifully!
Yup, I think we need more columbines.
Strawberries in bloom...it's their second year, as well, and they're spreading like wildfire. We will have quadruple the crop of berries we had last summer. Now if we could just find a way to keep the squirrels from picnicking on the fruit!
Two little vinca vines, which I bought because they remind me of a character named Vinca in one of my favorite books of all time - Le Blé en Herbe by Colette. I'm going to make a hanging basket with them. Any minute now. When I find the time. Haha.
ItalicThese beauties are from our new fave nursery...I have pictures of that nursery. Oh, just a few. Maybe three hundred. I'm telling you, it was a paradise in there. I'll post them when I can find the time to cull out the best couple dozen or so!

Gorgeous pink lillies that my mum sent me for my first mother's day. These lasted forever, and were the size of serving platters when fully opened. They also filled the whole house with fragrance.
And some unicorn sedge that I bought just because I couldn't resist it. The purple-black tulips are from last fall's planting!
One of my mother's day gifts from my husband: a doorbell made from an old prize-fighting bell. How cool is that? It's very loud when you're standing right next to it, but makes the perfect, soft, rich, mellow note when you're inside.
Getting ready to plant.
No, I still havent' taken down my paper snowflakes and replaced them with origami cranes...any day now, I'll find the time to fold those cranes! Haha.
Q admiring my cruiser bike before an afternoon ride.

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