Just for pretty

I think Yoli was asking about "that chair"...well, I hate to admit it but it's been buried under drawing pads, palette pages, discarded sweaters and various other studio detritus for the past few months. Now that the weather has finally decided to turn nice? I've unburied it.
The vine-shaded porch seemed like just the spot for it. Plus, as much energy as Q has right now, it's hard to get a shot of her when she's not just a speed-blur of motion. Since "the chair" is too high for her to climb off of, it's basically a little island of photo-captivity ;)
Oh, and the lovely linen pants she's wearing here are a new (and rare) purchase from L'atelier de Marie et Rose-Alice in the North of France, where Valérie makes the most beautiful and unique French-style garments for children. Limited quantities...I got a couple of the last from the early summer collection. The linen is so fine and the craftsmanship so exquisite, and they come in the cutest little linen drawstring pouch with the definition of "bonbon" written on it in that gorgeous french longhand. That, and she turned around my order in under 48 hours (in spite of some custom tailoring which she herself suggested on the basis of having seen my blogs) and express-mailed it at no extra cost. I'm telling you, this is how all business should be carried out. I miss the days of real craftsmanship (wait....what am I talking about? I wasn't even alive in those days! I miss them retroactively). Maybe this economic shakedown will create a renewed respect for craftsmanship and customer service. You think? Ah, well, I'm an eternal optimist. At least there are still people like Valérie in this world. (You should check out her blog, by the way. It's full of beautiful photos of the countryside and gardens, and of her lovely children).


Carrie said...

Love it! Great Pictures!

Yoli said...

Oh the CHAIR! I am so glad you brought it back. I am just in love with her little pants and yours. I cannot wear them for I am as short as a hobit and I would look rediculous but I do like them--a lot! On the Q it looks out of a fairy tale.

nath said...

Very nice pictures. Your girl is just adorable

Anonymous said...

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