Oh my, so much to catch up on!

Before heading back from a two-hour walk downtown, Q and I stopped on a whim for a sorbet at The Creamery. Boy, was that every the right decision!

It's cinnamon-blueberry sorbet...just barely sweet, fresh blueberries and hint of real ground cinnamon. Perfection!

"ice cream" is one of QQ's many signs, which have become so numerous so quickly that I have lost count. What's equally as exciting is to watch her drop a sign from her vocabulary as she becomes able to say the word instead.
Incidentally, her eating just took off after the first few therapy sessions. She now will eat basically anything. You can give her a bite of a taco, steak, guacamole on a cracker, souffle, eggs, grilled fish, carrots, a sandwich...pretty much anything, she'll take it if she's hungry. It's really pretty impressive, considering she only has a few molars, and they're very tiny! Sometimes if it's something tough (like steak) she'll take a long time to chew it, but she never spits anything out again. She's game.


sarahthefantastic said...

Oh you are so lucky about the eating! Never spits anything out? Perfect child.

Yoli said...

That Q is enjoying that icecream like no one's business! I also recall that sunflower shirt, I am glad she grew into it. Now she can wax poetry to her gelato a la Oscar Wilde.

Vivian M said...

It is sooo good to see QQ feeding herself! And who doesn't like ice cream? ;o) Let me know so I can have their portion!