Echter's Part 3

I can't even tell you...this place just makes me giddy!

Grasses. I love grasses. I would have bought all of these if I hadn't been able to dredge up some small measure of restraint.

Ducks!!!! This was the moment when the place made QQ's list of favorites. In this picture, they're actually running away from her, because she was chasing them, furiously singing "duck".
This handsome couple has a nice setup outdoors between the waterplants and the fruit trees.
QQ wondering why the nice ducks are running from her.
Hatching a plan.

Happy girl!
M. trying to fit just one more plant into the basket.
QQ wanting to push the cart.
These hanging baskets always remind me of Vail.

This would have been the last of my Echter's photos....
would have been....
except we lost of sense of proportion and went back again this morning. Sigh.
I'm afraid there are more Echter's photos in your future.

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sarahthefantastic said...

Don't mind a bit. Love the picture of QQ wondering why the ducks left. I have seen the exact same expression on YY too. Nice to see the wheels turning!