This is really more for me....

...but I feel the need to keep track of QQ's signs at this stage, so I'm going to try to list them here, for the sake of posterity:

- daddy
- more
- please
- thank you
- play
- ball
- bicycle
- help
- eat
- drink
- milk
- octopus
- flower
- bear
- duck
- baby
- sleep
- all done
- cookie
- cheese
- peas
- book
- bird
- apple
- icecream
- fish
- I love you

hmmmmmmm...that's all I can think of right now. I'm probably forgetting some.
BTW, I love this site for quickly looking up a sign on the fly:


Carrie said...

so neat- I need to look into that one too! We did a lot of sign language with the kids when they were little but lost a bit of it once they got older!

sarahthefantastic said...

Make a video of her signing! I love having one of YY. Even the rough video of your coolpix will do. End of unsolicited advice. : )

hey! The word verification is bableriz! How perfect is that?

Deirdre said...

Ooh fun! We just did an article about signing on Mindful Mama (http://www.mindful-mama.com/blogs/explore/archive/2009/05/02/signing-with-baby.aspx), and I'm starting to try with Nora. I'll check out the site you recommend, because right now my vocabulary is pretty limited.

M@rgriet said...

... octopus... I'm trying to remember how often I've used that word...
Sarah's right: don't forget to put Q on video every now and then. You'd be surprised how quickly you 'forget' the way she moves and sounds at this age. We love watching our home videos and the girls love to see and hear themselves at that age. End of more unsolicited advice :-)

Ty's Parents said...

Way to go QQ! Good for you for keeping a list. I started one after our speech evaluation when they asked me "how many signs does Ty know?". At the time, we were at 20, now we are at about 50! Ty learns new ones everyday!

Cavatica said...

That's a nice site! I still can't find alpaca, but I did find llama, which is what we're using. That's important in our neighborhood. Octopus? Now that's a good one! I would like to see that. BB would like it, I'm sure. She has one in the bathtub.