Singin' in the rain

The storms have finally gentled, the blizzards softened to light, intermittent summer rain. In between, we get the most perfect of Colorado days, the heat and strong sun tempered by the cool breezes off the snow-covered Rockies to create the most perfect combination of temperature and air quality known to man.

On a recent rainy afternoon, lured out by the sweet smells of spring growth and the gentle temperatures, QQ and I spent an hour or two walking down by the lake, running in the damp grass and birdwatching.
QQ proudly wrangling her panda umbrella.

I love the muted colors of spring, before the green takes over and runs wild with summer.

I love the way the male blackbirds spike out their feathers when they sing.

A clan of white pelicans returns every spring to the local lakes.
QQ likes to ride her lion.


Yoli said...

Can she get any cuter?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

She can, I'm afraid. Her cuteness is dangerous...and ever-escalating.

kerri said...

Wonderful photos!!
Wishing you a very Happy mother's Day..

Virginia and Doug said...

Great photos! Love the ones of the birds, and of course QQ. I love how you let us follow her around as she takes on her next adventure,or new place, or newest learned adorable QQ thing.
Gin =)