Mother's Day, Part 1

QQ on mother's day morning, in the lovely PJs her LaoLao brought her from Woodstock.

Arriving at her grandparent's house, and promptly stealing someone's umbrella.
Discovering a new ball-sport...football. My girl is 100% jock - which is a bit unfortunate since neither M. nor I watch (or play) ball sports. Or team sports of any variety. Our athletic abilities lean more to the hiking/running/snow-sports variety. But Q is in love with ball sports. Already thoroughly obsessed with basketball (see mother's day, part2) and soccer (see the end of this post), she is ready and willing to take on any new type of ball sport that comes her way.
Dancing in the livingroom with Opa.
Macarons, ordered overnight from Mad Mac in NYC for mother's day...
...and Opa's delicious espresso.
Sitting with cousin Vic....and wiping her nose oh-so-politely on a linen napkin after a sneezing fit (a new skill).
Family together.

The twins sitting down to lunch (in grownup chairs, this holiday!) and their mom.

Victoria is quite the sportswoman herself - here you can see her trophy from a recent soccer tourney.
QQ threatening to steal one of the twins' puppy. In the first shot you can see her signing please. In the second, she's stopped pleading and is stating her case in no uncertain terms. The twins are older, but Q has caught up to them in height and is - ahem - perhaps a bit more strident and unequivocal in her personality.
Hugs from grandma, and a twin vacuuming.
Playing under the dining table with daddy.
And getting yet more kisses from Mommy.
Here you can see QQ's soccer skills. She is already quite comfortable with a soccer ball, and the only thing she loves more (though she's got some growing to do) is basketball.


Yoli said...

It looks like you had a magical day! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. I have to also tell you that through your blog I have come to hold a lot of affection towards Victoria. What a sweetie she is, always doting on the precious Q.

Jan said...

We wish you a Most Wonderful Mother's day!!!