umbrellas & peas

...two of Q's favorite things at the moment.
This is the panda umbrella we got her in San Francisco,and which she was not quite ready to embrace at the time. She has now discovered its many pleasures.
Peas. In the past few weeks, she grew to love oatmeal, and just as quickly grew tired of it. She is now on an oatmeal strike, and won't touch a bite. One day she loves roast chicken, and will eat it hand over fist, the next day she'll look at it like it was a raw slug on her plate. But so far, her love of peas has remained consistent.

ps - Chrissie, since Q recently enjoys wearing her PJs open down the chest like a young Tony Soprano, you'll be able to clearly see your lovely necklace...which she's obsessed with these days. When I first put it on her (all those many moons ago) she didn't get it, and just wanted to tug it off. She has since learned about necklaces, and reaches for me to put it on her each and every morning when she wakes up. That, and it helps people to understand that she's really a girl, even when we dress her like a boy!


Yoli said...

I love that you dress her so graphic the bold red stripes and the black and white umbrella. I am digging her Tony phase.

Snowflowers Mum said...

badda bing!

you dont dress her like a boy? I think wears her clothes perfectly...I actually buy some boy clothes for the girls to wear(army pants, boy shirts etc) because who doesn't love a girl in pigtails with 'lock up your daughters' on her shirt!

my bad

Mamacita said...

I have these same shots but Lina has a red panda umbrella and is wearing red jammies....funny!

connectedroots said...

we love umbrellas, too. Can never get enough of them.