My favorites

This is my favorite series of photos....well, so far!
It just so perfectly describes the season, doesn't it?
This was another afternoon of lawn picnics followed by planting of all the loot we brought back from Echter's.

Eating a sandwich. She can feed herself just fine, but she still enjoys being fed, and I have to tell you...there's nothing cuter than that little baby-bird mouth opening wide for a bite, and those little lips closing around your fingertips. Neither of us can resist feeding her when she's in the mood to be served!

Watching daddy sort plants.
THat's bok choy at the bottom....we're kind of excited about that!

Sniffing a tray of lettuce as if it were a posey of flowers. Well, she hasn't quite understood the distinction yet!


Ty's Parents said...

Lovely! Isn't this a fabulous time of year? I love QQ in her diaper and white blouse. So simple and yet so cute!

Vivian M said...

I wish we had a green thumb. All that survives here is my rosemary and basil plants (for now).
QQ looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

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