pettiskirts and basketball hoops

This was just such a strange sight that I could help but snap a gazillion photos. And Chrissie sent this pettiskirt to QQ, and she still hasn't grown into it....her teeny-tiny waist is much too small, and it slides down over the bulk of her diaper like gangsta pants, which is hilarious in and of itself. I put it on while changing her diaper from the crib, just as a joke, and she immediately escaped my grasp and shot off to the livingroom for her morning round of basketball practice.
She had no trouble dribbling in the skirt. The only hard part was when one of her balls would get stuck underneath the wide ruffles, and she had to bend over and fish under her skirts for it. This was a real slapstick routine. Really, I should have taken a video.
She prefers to play with at least four balls of varying sizes simultaneously. If a larger one doesn't fit through her toddler-sized hoop, she just turns it over and uses the base to shoot through.
Here she is dropping her skirts after releasing a ball that was trapped beneath them.
And she's off!
"Too big" is a concept that she's still testing out.
Meanwhile, outside...
...dewdrops in the garden that were too beautiful not to photograph. These are baby brussel sprout plants, I think.


sarahthefantastic said...

Just when I think you have covered every possible situation that QQ can get into, comes pettiskirts! So lovely with the tank top. She is really something else!

Yoli said...

I have been meaning to buy a petttiskirt that I have been eyeing but have not gotten around to doing so. Now I cannot find it. It was black.

Q looks ADORABLE in that pettiskirt.

Cavatica said...

I predict she will play professionally like that one day. Well, maybe just for practice. And all the boys will come running!

Vivian M said...

That is just so QQ, playing hoops in a girly twirly skirt!

Virginia and Doug said...

That pettiskirt is fantastic, and she looks so darn cute in it! I love that she can still shoot hoops in it.

Gin =)

Anonymous said...

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