pettiskirts and basketball hoops 2: outdoors

Yup, I was so enjoying watching her play hoops in that extravagant skirt that I even let her go outside in it. Better light for photography, was my selfish reasoning.
This is her sign for "shoot the frickin' ball, already!"
"Fine. I'll shoot it myself. " She's not bad, right? I think she shows unusual aptitude at ball sports. And since she's as tall as your average two-something at just barely 20 mos, maybe she's on the right track!
We're still working on those spacial relations. "Too big? Bah. I bet I can make it fit."
I mean, yes - it's contrived. She would not have chosen to wear this skirt while shooting hoops. She probably would have picked out a pair of comfortable PJ bottoms and a Johnny Cash T. But, really, these photos are priceless, no? As long as I have the opportunity to manipulate her wardrobe for my own amusement, I intend to take advantage.


Vivian M said...

LOL Maia! Enjoy the manipulation while you can, before QQ turns the tables on you!

kris said...

take advantage, she's so dang cute no matter what she has on, but that skirt rocks it. loved hearing all about her tomboy ways. i have always sort of dreamed my girl would be tomboyish as i was growing up. my luck i'll get the princess girl :O)

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