Memorial Day

This memorial day morning has brought torrential rains to our fair city, and QQ and I are curled up with a fuzzy blanket waiting for our friends Lara and Tegan to come down from the mountains. It will be interesting to see what we can cook up to do indoors on a day like today...

In fact, this has been the wettest spring (between early snowstorms and the wild, electric deluges of rain we've been having for the past week or two) that I've seen in years. The sunny side of that picture is that I don't have to water, and the gardens are thrilled!

In today's news, QQ woke up and scribbled something on her magnetic drawing tablet. I thought she was trying for a circle (we've been working on that lately), so I said "Oh, good try, Q! That's almost a circle!" But she shook her head and signed "fish" and pointed at the tablet. My daughter drew me a fish this morning!! I have never seen her attempt to draw something besides just scribbling before.

Next, she signed "writing" and held the tablet out to me. So I wrote "mama" in capital letters. I pointed to it and said "What does that say?" She pointed to the word and said "mama!"...and then she kissed it. How sweet is that?

P.S. - Oh, and another new illustration of mine is exclusively on the Pioneer Woman's site today.


Julie said...

After all the years I lived in Denver when I spent a fortune at Paulino's to xeriscape my yard and deal with the drought conditions...FINALLY you guys are getting some rain!

On the flip side, we just started watering here in Spokane as we've had a very dry spring thus far... Sometimes I really think that it's Mother Nature's joke on me to follow me around the country with blizzards and droughts! :)

sarahthefantastic said...

Fabulous news about QQ's drawing. I also waited eagerly for YY's first representational work. Congratulations! We want to see the fish, please. xox S.

Ty's Parents said...

I hear you regarding the weather. It has been a mild winter in the Midwest snow wise, but the rain will not stop.

What a precious "writing" story. My heart melts.

Anonymous said...

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