Mother's Day Part 2: the basketball diaries

It was a bit of a drizzly day, but that didn't stop the kids from wanting to get outside after brunch and play some sports.
We started out playing a little soccer, as you saw in the first set of photos...until, that is, QQ noticed that at the end of the street were two basketball hoops. QQ is obsessed with basketball...we're really not sure where that came from. But she can not pass a hoop without shrieking for some action. She's working on learning to dribble and, as you can see here, she can already throw better than her Mommy. She had no trouble getting past Victoria's defense.

Look at QQ's hands while the rest of the family tries for baskets. She's like, "Uhhhhh...empty-handed here? Is it my turn yet?"

Q reacting to other people's shots.

...and finally getting a stab at the basket herself.
Ready for a dunk.
Getting lovin' from all sides.
The twins, looking particularly identical on this day.
Our little family.

Grandma shoots...and scores!
QQ always striving for that basket. No mountain too high for this one.
One of the twins, who were not all that interested in the game, idly picked up the ball as it rolled his way.
QQ: "Oh, no you don't, punk! That's MY ball!"
(Actually, it wasn't her ball, but who's splitting hairs.)
You can see the threat in her posture even from the back. She's on defense like nobody's business. The twin, caught unawares, looks a bit like a deer in the headlights.
QQ: "You want a piece of this? Well, do ya? I don't think you can handle this!"
Twin: "Uh-oh. How bout I just put this ball down, sloooowly..."
Twin: "Oh, thank heaven, looks like something has distracted her!" (click on the photo to enlarge and see how big his eyes got in this picture)
Twin: "I'm... just gonna wander off...nothing to see here..."
QQ: "Yeah, you better step down, punk! I've got my eye on you."

Like I said. She's just a bit competitive.
Grandma and Lisa.
QQ looking for a long pass.

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Snowflowers Mum said...

noone mess with that punkarse'd little Q!...she'll take you down boy...all the way down-town!