Garden season

Our Johnny-jump-ups certainly do pop up in the most unexpected places!
My red tulips at the height of their bloom.
QQ climbing. She's still learning to run, but that hasn't stopped her from moving into the verticle.
I love this series in daddy's arms...

At first she didn't like the feeling of her bare feet in the grass, but she's getting used to it.

She's still working on her coordination in the long grass, however. At first, she was convinced that one had to high-step over the tops of it with every pace.
Getting the hang of it.


Virginia and Doug said...

So beautiful. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Gin =)

sarahthefantastic said...

That's so funny about the grass! YY didn't like barefeet in grass for a long time either. Who knows what they're going to react to? QQ really looks older again! Glad to see you still have some spring flowers. Happy Mother's Day!