Stuntwoman in training

We took our cruisers to the park on the way home from a neighborhood ride. It's impossible to pass a basketball court without Q protesting loudly....much less a slide or two.
Released from her straps, here she is running across the grass, signing "please, please, please!" as she goes. Tee-hee!
First thing she did was scale the play structure and head straight for the top of the big-kids' slide. This one is twisty, tall, steep and fast. But she got there so fast that it was all we could do to restrain her from launching herself down before mommy got to the bottom to catch her.
Released, she had not a moment of hesitation. The slide was, indeed, much faster than any she'd tried before, and I think she was a little suprised by the speed of the ride...but there was only surprise on her face when I caught her at the bottom, not fear.
On the highest part of the play structure.
Neighborhood boys admiring our bikes.
Q also loves to go on the "tire swing" with daddy.
Oh, the joy of feeling the wind in her hair, and the sky spinning overhead!
Last, inevitable stop: the basketball court. It's like a magnet for her. Here, daddy tries to distract her with a dandelion...
...but all she wants to do is reach that hoop.

Beyond bodily removed from the playground when it was time for us to head home.


sarahthefantastic said...

She's really looking taller and her legs look so much longer. I got the cautious child who held the doorframe when stepping from the kitchen to the hall (there's a TINY lintel) and you got the daredevilwoman! Thank goodness! : )

Yoli said...

OH THAT LAST PICTURE!!!! Too cute!!!

Mlar007 said...

i don't want to alarm anybody, but I think those kids might have STOLEN that shopping cart. (granted, it's unmarked... could be anybody's shopping cart. they could have bought it somewhere. but something just seems fishy.)

Vivian M said...

Looks like you have a future basketball player!