The pure beauty of childhood

Meet Jade.
She's our neighbor, give or take four blocks.
QQ and I have passed Jade's house for months on our daily runs, headed down South to Sloan's Lake. As winter has (with many fits and starts) passed into spring, Jade has started to come out onto her lawn more frequently of an afternoon.
The first time we passed her, she turned immediately, strode purposefully toward us, and introduced herself. She then proceeded to introduce us to her two cats (one sociable, the other retiring) and give QQ a high-five.
Since that first meeting, we have passed Jade playing on her lawn four or five times. She always remembers us. She always comes to greet us.
On this day, it was particularly warm and sunny, and she was out gardening with her next-door neighbor, Mary. Mary is a widowed grandmother with a shock of red hair turning to grey, and a kind word for everyone who passes. QQ and I have been acquainted with Mary since we first brought QQ home from China. She always has a word of advice, and a word of affection, waiting for us when we pass by.
I have never met Jade's parents. It's always just Jade, by herself, making up games on her front lawn. I was very glad to see that she had been befriended by Mary.
In the interest of gardening in the sun with Mary for the afternoon, Jade had donned a particularly stylish red hat which matched her trendy shirt. I happened to have my good Nikon with me, so I asked if I could take her picture.
She was more than willing.
I love this picture because you can see her genuine, sunny, ingenuous personality shining through.
We love you, Jade!


Snowflowers Mum said...

what a personality. I think you are drawn to her Pippi-ness.

Yoli said...

Oh love that smile!