little yogi

I first learned of QQ's propensity for yoga when I glanced at her monitor one day during a nap and saw her doing this. I immediate tiptoed across the house to see in person, and found her just on the point of lifting her feet off the ground. She can only get them up a few inches - not all the way into a headstand - but this was entirely on her own. She'd never seen it done. This has turned into a pre or post-naptime ritual for her, and I've found her doing other yoga poses as well (the half-moon, for instance). I find this exciting, not only because she came up with this on her own, but because it makes me feel like yoga is even more intuitive and integral to the human condition than I ever imagined. Don't get me wrong - I've only ever been a yoga diletente (though it shames me to say so) but QQ is encouraging me to branch out a bit. So I bought this lovely deck of yoga cards for her and me to experiment with. It's hilarious, because the first time I did the downward-facing dogs, she lay down, rolled underneath me, and struck the same pose directly between my limbs. I wish I had a video of that!
Flowers in the Seattle-like weather we've been having for the past week or two.
Daddy helping QQ with her exercises.

Daddy has added a little tumbling routine to QQ's headstand time, and she loves it! We're hoping to get her into gymnastics one of these days soon....just...so....busy......!


sarahthefantastic said...

Don't sweat the lessons thing. They have YEARS ahead of them for all of that. She is developping quite nicely without any further training for now. Love the yoga card idea. YY has some at her Montessori school and it's so lovely to see them doing yoga quietly on their own. I am going to add it to my class too! Thanks for the reminder. xo S.

Yoli said...

That is so cute seeing her trying to do a handstand. Looks like she is going to be a natural. Now where are pictures of the Q in her new little pants?

Cavatica said...

BB does that too! She does it when she's tired, often with a blankie in hand and a thumb in her mouth. We call them her power naps. I have some pictures, but none that good.

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