QQ woke up in a good mood from her nap today, so I decided to do a little work on her hat issues.
She has gone back on forth on the subject of hats lately, but for the most part, I see her giving way.
And it's a good thing, since she is clearly going to be a "hat girl".
She is just plain stunning in them - scabs, nose tubes and all.
No two ways about it.
Late afternoon light. This is just one of those utterly felicitous shots.
Are you as amazed as I am by how well Dr. Folk stitched that lip together? I really had no idea it could fit so well.
That's a bandaid with a fairy on it that she's eating, btw. I had to fish it out of her mouth a moment later.
Here, she got a little tired of mommy's exercise, and decided it would be funny to throw the hat at me. I liked the photo, so I kept it.
"Just one more, please?"
Just to give you an idea of what we had to go through in order to convince the Q to wear the hat for these photos. First, Mommy had to wear it. Then, the dog had to wear it.
"OK, seriously, guys. This is too much. I won't do it."
"You do know I'm a boy dog, right? This is a pink hat!!"
Oh, the humiliation.
A bit of an Audrey Hepburn moment.
OK. This is Mommy's hat...the one she's been wearing for the past two months straight. I'll wear this one.
But this? This is going too far.
I'm over it. Done. End of story.
Now get that camera out of my face before I break it.


monica said...

She's just too precious. The lip repair is fantastic, you must be thrilled. Love, Monica

Vivian M said...

QQ's lip looks amazing - perfct!
I kinds like the pirate hat.
Kerri would not wear a hat until she was 3!

Snowflowers Mum said...

ahoy....she likes the pirate hat arg!

Snowflowers Mum said...

btw....she was gorgeous before, but isn't it amazing how perfectly her lip went together! She has a beauty that defies description

Yoli said...

Oh I am cracking up at poor Sam. He is putting Monty and his booties to shame! LOL.

QQ and her hats are adorable. We need more hat pictures.