Snow day, part 2

Well, we had our first session with QQ's eating therapist this week, and after asking us a lot of questions and studying us very closely, the therapist deduced that there was really nothing holding QQ back from eating...nothing, that is, except for her parent's irregular eating habits. I guess we should have seen that one coming from a mile away. After learning that QQ does, on those occasions when she so chooses, eat solid food, that she puts objects in her mouth without hesitation, and that she isn't averse to having her mouth touched, she quite logically deduced that QQ has no significant sensory issues. She just has a couple of parents with odd schedules who rarely find the time to sit down for a meal.
So...the writing was on the wall, and we made an instant decision. We would clear off our ill-used dining table, and sit down for regular meals. M. would come home from work at 6:30 every night in order to make time for dinner. We would move Q's highchair up to the dining table and accustom her to normal meals.
Tonight, after our long snow day spent in PJs, M. made a comfort-food dinner of steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli, and we all sat down to eat.

Unsurprisingly, QQ has responded almost instantaneously to our new regular meal schedule by progressing very quickly with her eating habits. When we sat down tonight, she had just managed to snag mommies camera from her, and insert it in her mouth (hence mommy's use of the "big" Nikon for today's shots) and this was a bit distracting for her. But it did not stop her from grabbing a piece of steak of her plate and - just as if she did it every day - popping it in her mouth.
Of course, it's steak, and she only has a couple of molars, so it took her like 20 minutes to finish chewing that one piece. Still, we were absolutely thrilled and amazed.
The other benefit of the sit-down meal was that it effectively distracted QQ from the rubberband in her hair, allowing mommy to take a whole series of shots of her with her hair spout intact. Oh, joy!!!!
Looking at me dubiously.

She has already learned by watching how to properly handle a spoon...
...although once she's scooped up the food, she's not entirely sure what to do with it.
OK, she sort of knows. But she still doesn't effectively get much of the spoonful into her mouth.
Daddy helps out.
This is what happens when she doesn't entirely like the mouthful of food she just ate.
But she's game to try again.
OK, I'm taking a deep breath and going in!
Oh, man! I'm still chewing the last bite. Don't...think...I can manage...another...
The horror. The HORROR! (Yeah, she's still a bit of a drama queen).
OK, that's it. I'm staging a protest.
You guys have pushed me too far. That, and it's past my bedtime.
What are you trying to do to me, daddy?
And yet....I'm still willing to sign for more.
QQ's "more" sign is sort of like a sideways "timeout".
Maybe I'll try just a little bit more.
Oh....oh, no. I don't think I like whatever that was...
...I think I'd rather have whatever else you have on that table.
A salt grinder? I'll take it.
Daddy sprinkling salt on her hand.
That was weird. You guys freak me out sometimes.
No, seriously. You freak me out.
Done. Over it. Ready to be down.
A little bit of playtime before bed.
Still hasn't noticed that she has a band in her hair.
Pimpin' daddy's news station with her Fox 31 fan.
Ready to do a little light drawing.

Practically asleep on her feet...
...but never too tired to do a maraca dance!
Cute, cute.
Playing a little peek-a-boo between daddy's knees.


Margaret M said...

Love this series of pics. I may have to borrow them sometime (with your permission of course). I also specialize in feeding and work with lots of tiny ones and there families. I did not realize this was an issue for QQ. you will be shocked by how quickly she will progress with just regular meal times. Amazing already, right?

Vivian M said...

Wow, that is so awesome! And I think taking time to sit down as a family for meals together is a wonderful thing. As a matter of fact, I told hubby it was a requirement if he wanted to marry me and have kids.
Love the hair do!

kerri said...

So glad that QQ is doing so well at meal time!
Just wait until she is the age of my monkeys, dinner time conversation will have you rolling on the floor, it is never dull!

Carrie said...

Oh my word!That was so funny! Thanks for the laughs!

sarahthefantastic said...

One of your best yet! She is just delightful. The shadow behind her repeating the hair sprout makes it even funnier.

Yoli said...

I am laughing at her disgusted face! She looks so freaking cute that I want to reach over and hug her. So many milestones Maia.