Just for pretty

I've been chasing QQ around for the past few days, trying to photograph her in the pretty Matilda Jane clothes that her grandparents gave her for Christmas.
I've been virtuous this year (since it's been, undeniably, and expensive surgery year for us) and have managed to resist each and every Matilda Jane trunk show that my various friends have held this year. They're very popular among the mommies, it seems! And trust me, it isn't easy to resist....but sometimes ya gotta be strong.
So it was quite the delightful surprise to open QQ's box of Matilda Janes at Christmas.
At the time, however, she was nowhere near big enough for MJ size 18 mos (they run large, seems to me). So I packed them away in my "bigger size" box in the basement.
Theo other day, based on some more recent growth spurts, I thought I'd better check that basement box and see if there was anything in it that Q had sized into.
To my amazement, she was almost big enough for the MJ pieces. Close enough to keep them in the closet, anyhow.
Like I said, they do seem to run large - and with QQ's tiny, flat, curveless figure, she swims in these styles just a bit.
But the patterns and colors are so, so pretty that, with spring in the air, I couldn't resist.

She still trips over the pants a bit - but she trips anyway, and they're just so cute on her...

I had to put these pictures in because they crack me up. Here you can really see her personality. In this picture, she is trying to get my attention. She wants me to do something for her, and pronto. What she wants is for me to take the sleighbell down off the doorknob so that she can play with it. She can't quite believe that I haven't yet put down the camera and rushed to do her bidding.
This expression clearly says, "Uhhhh, Hello???? Still waitin' here. Are you going to get off your butt and help me with this anytime soon?"
"Are you KIDDING me? Grrrrrrrrrr.......need. my. BELL!!!!"
"OK, you're just lucky I got it myself. Next time, I won't be so patient."


sarahthefantastic said...

More wonderful pics. Love the bell series! YY also expects instant service. Where do they get their ideas?

Lost and Found said...

So cute! Some of their stuff runs big, some small so keep checking your stash. Every little girl needs pink shoes and pants with a ruffle.

Vivian M said...

In the bell pictures, she looks like she has a hair sticking straight up and reminds me of Alfalfa? from Little Rascals - so cute!
Love the pretty dress.

Virginia and Doug said...

That child is Adorable (capital A). I love how she speaks volumes with her facial expressions. I'm going to have to look in to those MJ clothes. I like the funky patterns

Gin =)