St Patrick's day at the Aquarium

Denver has a wonderful aquarium - Ocean Journey. It has different aquatic environments, including sea life but also inland waterways including local river ecosystems from right here in Colorado.
QQ is really just starting to really "see" the animals at zoos and aquariums, so it's a lot more fun with her these days.
She also loves bubbles, and was thrilled with the bubble machine.
But the best part was meeting her cousin Samantha, with whom she bonded instantly.
M's aunt Kay was in town, and so we got to spend some time with the cousins that we don't see quite as often. Sam took to QQ right away, holding her hand and showing her around, and before we knew it the two were joined at the hip.
I love how solicitous Sam is with her. That, and Sam is the kind of kid that, if you had your choice, you'd want your toddler to emulate and look up to. She polite, gregarious, athletic, straightforward and well-spoken. I just love her, and I'm so glad that QQ does as well.

Look at the eye contact here - they're so connected. QQ depends heavily on eye contact to communicate, and Sam is a girl who doesn't shy away from a direct gaze, so they're a good match.

Heading into mining territory.

QQ with Aunt Kay....all dressed up for the holiday.

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